Support Request Severity Levels and Response Times

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All service requests logged with support are assigned a severity level from 1 to 4 based on the impact on your business. Our service desk operators determines the initial severity level when placing a request for assistance. Severity levels may be changed after initial contact and assessment of the issue from a Telair Support Engineer.

The following table defines the severity levels and the targeted initial response time for Managed Support, Unmanaged Support, and Premier Support. It is helpful to clearly explain in detail the nature and any recent changes within the network that maybe relevant to your issue when contacting the Support Center.

  • Un-Managed Support available during local business hours (Fees applicable)
  • Managed Support available during local business hours
  • Premier Support available 24×7 with applicable support contract

Severity Level


Initial Response
Un-Managed Support

Initial Response
Managed Support

Initial Response
Premier Support

Level 1 Critical business impact
Customer’s services have completely been impaired and connectivity offline. Should issue be un-related to internet connectivity from third party provider, issue will be categorized as level 1.For Severity Level 1 problems, we will begin work on the problem within the designated response time and handle as the highest priority until the customer is given a fix or workaround. Customer resources must be made available in Severity Level 1 situations and reasonably cooperate¬† to help resolve the issue.Severity Level 1 problems could have the following characteristics:

  • System outage or degraded response
  • Incoming and outgoing call completely inoperable
  • Critical functionality not available
Within 2 hour Within 1 hour Within 1/2 hour
Level 2 Significant Business Impact:Important service features are unavailable with no acceptable workaround. Minor outages, call origination or termination issues, or fail over while internet connectivity failed or degraded.

Severity Level 2 problems could have the following characteristics:

  • Inbound or outbound calls are partially working or not at all
  • Call queues, auto attendants or major incoming calls routes are affected
  • Functionality unavailable but the system is able to operate in a restricted fashion.
Within 3 hours Within 2 hours Within 1 hour
Level 3 Minimal Business Impact:Service features are unavailable but a workaround exists and the majority of service functions are still useable. Minor function/feature failure that the customer can easily circumvent or avoid. Customer’s work has minor loss of operational functionality.

Severity Level 3 problems could have the following characteristics:

  • Minor call area problems (in / out)
  • Phone extension offline or unresponsive
  • Feature not working
Within 4 hours Within 4 hours Within 2 hours
Level 4 Nominal Business Impact:Minor problem or question that does not affect the service function such as How To’s, documentation, general questions, or enhancement requests. There is no impact to product usage or customer’s operations.

Severity Level 4 problems could have the following characteristics:

  • General requests for advice on service usage
  • Clarification on service documentation or release notes
  • Product enhancement request
  • Call schedule inquiries for holiday closures
  • Voicemail or password resets
  • General changes / modifications to system use
Within 2
Business Days
Within 1
Business Day
Within 4 hours

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