Netgear ProSafe FS728TP 24-Port 10/100 Smart PoE Switch

Manufacturer Netgear
Model FS728TP
MSRP $329.99


The Netgear FS728TP is a 24 port 10/100 Smart Switch with 4 Gigabit ports and 24 PoE ports. Part of the Netgear family of ProSafe Smart Switches, the FS728TP provides power and data using built-in IEEE 802.3af PoE on all 24 ports with a total power budget of 192 Watts.


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Netgear FS728TP Datasheet Datasheet

Netgear FS728TP 24 Port 10/100 PoE Smart Switch Features

Netgear FS728TP fills the gap between unmanaged and fully managed switches. Part of the family of ProSafe Smart Switches, the FS728TP is designed for growing businesses that want control over their network without the cost and complexity of a full Layer 2/Layer 3 management implementation. This PoE-capable Prosafe Smart Switch provides power and data using built-in IEEE 802.3af PoE on all 24 ports. In addition, the FS728TP offers an intuitive Web-based management tool for quick and easy deployment and configuration making it ideal for deploying access points, VoIP phones and IP-based surveillance cameras.

This ProSafe Smart Switch is equipped with highly advanced features such as access control lists (ACL), 802.1x port authentication, enhanced QoS, rate limiting and IGMP snooping among others to provide a small and medium-sized business with a network that is geared for growth while providing scalability and reliability. With the utility of 24 10/100 Mbps ports, four copper 10/100/1000 Mbps ports and two combination (copper/hot-swappable small form-factor pluggable (SFP)) Gigabit ports for optional fiber connectivity, growing business networks, classrooms and workgroups can benefit from superior performance and keep up with expanding network needs.

With a total power budget of 192 Watts, customers can choose to plug in up to 24 Ethernet or Fast Ethernet devices and mix in up to 24 802.3af IP-based devices. Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), optimizes the installation and power management of network devices such as wireless access points (AP), Voice over IP (VoIP) phones, and IP-based surveillance cameras. Power-over-Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) capabilities reduce installation time and costs for many new network productivity devices. Free your wireless AP deployments and IP cameras from the restrictions of power outlet proximity using a standard Cat 5 UTP cable. Enable uninterruptible power supply for all your PoE devices by powering your switch from a UPS device.

The ProSafe FS728TP Smart Switch also provide advanced features that provide more robust security to the SMBs. These include:

  • • 802.1x for authentication
  • • ACL filtering to permit or deny traffic based on MAC and IP addresses


Priority queuing ensures high-priority traffic gets delivered efficiently, even during congestion from high traffic bursts. Companies implementing network telephony or video conferencing, for example, need to be able to prioritize such voice and video traffic and other real-time applications over less latency-sensitive traffic to ensure reliability and quality. The ability to prioritize traffic ensures quality of latency-sensitive services and applications despite increasing traffic loads. The ProSafe FS728TP provides several advanced QoS features:

  • • 802.1p based prioritization
  • • Layer 3-based (DSCP) prioritization
  • • Rate limiting

Additional Information


Weight 7.86 lbs
Manufacturer Netgear
Model FS728TP
# of Ethernet Ports 24
# of PoE Ports Yes on all LAN ports (total 24)
Ethernet Port Speed 10/100
Mounting Option Rackmount
Power Power Supply Included

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