Configure Telair Services with a SIP Desktop Client

Telair services works seamlessly with any SIP client for your PC or Mac. In this tutroials we’ll be using a third party SIP client, X-Lite. You can download X-Lite by clicking here.

In the example below our company name is telair.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open X-Lite and go to Softphone > Account Settings
  2. Enter User ID: extension#-tenantname (e.g. 200-telair)
  3. Enter Domain: (please refer to your Telair Welcome email with relevant details)
  4. Enter Password: enter the password provided by Telair.
  5. Display Name: extension#-tenantname (e.g. 200-telair)
  6. Authorization Name:  extension#-tenantname (e.g. 200-telair)
  7. Leave the rest of the setting the way they are. Press OK. It’ll automatically register the SIP client


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